Tablet iPad bacteria: how to protect yourself on a daily basis

Tablet iPad bacteria: how to protect yourself on a daily basis

During these difficult times it becomes more and more important to be surrounded by clean and disinfected objects. Among the elements that we use in our daily life and that - if not cleaned regularly - may contain very high amounts of bacteria, we find electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptop keyboards. 

If you don’t want to catch viruses or other diseases, you need to protect yourself on a daily basis. In this article I’m going to explain to you how to deal with this situation, starting by approaching tablet iPad bacteria. Tablets can be the perfect habitat for bacteria and germs, but there is a way to make sure that doesn’t happen. Continue reading the article if you want to find out more about it.

Tablet iPad bacteria: what is that?

The screens of electronic devices always look clean, but in reality, on their surface a huge number of bacteria and microorganisms secretly hides. If there is no regular cleaning of the tablet or mobile phone screens, their surface - which we touch with our bare hands all the time - can become dangerous. In fact, if we touch a surface full of bacteria and then we touch our eyes or our mouth with the same fingers, we can risk catching viruses or other diseases.

Keep in mind that, according to some studies, in one day we touch the smartphone screen 2600 times. Now, you might not believe what I’m about to tell you, but I assure you that it is true. Most screens that are not properly cleaned contain more bacteria than a toilet! I’m guessing you’ll think twice before you touch your mouth after having used your tablet next time, am I right?

Tablet screens, just like smartphone ones, may be transmission vehicles of resistant germs. We’re talking about germs that can survive a few hours on a surface, even if they lose a good part of the viral load. Most of the germs, though, don’t last for many hours on the same surface and they are harmless.

Now you know what we’re talking about. Are you ready to discover how to solve this problem? Let’s see what you can do to protect yourself on a daily basis from all kinds of tablet iPad bacteria.

Protect yourself on a daily basis: how to?

There are several ways to prevent germs and microorganisms from settling on your tablet screens. For example, you might clean them with specific products, such as a microfiber cloth slightly dampened with hot water and some soap. Hot water and soap can be good enough to kill most of the bacteria living on your tablet screen. Although, if you exaggerate with the doses, you risk affecting the normal functioning of your device.

In order to avoid any tablet damage, there’s another possibility to protect your screen from bacteria, and probably it’s the best option overall. The products we’re talking about are special antibacterial film treatments. They are, basically, films to be applied on the screen of your tablet that - thanks to a specific mechanism - do not allow germs and bacteria to dwell on the surface of your electronic device.

These products are able to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria. They literally kill all the pathogenic agents that can be found on the screen, blocking their spread. Other than that, they also protect your device from scratches and your eyes from blue light damages. A multifunctional solution!

The bottom line

I hope I helped you understand how to protect yourself on a daily basis from tablet iPad bacteria. A tablet’s surface can become potentially dangerous without the right precautions, but know you know how to keep it proper

The best solution in our opinion is for you to start using an antibacterial protection film. You can easily apply it to your device, and you will no longer have to worry about cleaning it regularly. Just place it onto your tablet’s screen and forget about it for a long time.



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